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Upgrade Guideline from 3.x to 4.x


As part of a project of our university we are working on a new guideline for the upgrade process from 3.x to 4.x because the current guide in the official docs is pretty short.

To cover the most important functions and libraries I want to ask the community to tell me which libraries you mostly use in your CI projects.If you have further advice or ideas on our topic, please feel free to share them!


You might have to elaborate a little. It might be ambiguous to some ?

If you shift from CI3 to CI4 the basic choice is with or without dev, since you don't get a choice of core libraries. So do you mean of the core libraries that come with Ci4 which do you make most use of.

Or do you mean which libraries/packages do you find you add on for more functionality that do not come with CI4?

Thanks for your reply!
I mean the most used core libraries. We want to provide a guideline for each of those libraries to describe how you should change your code for the upgrade to CI4.

So far we have the following libraries we want to make a more detailed guidelines for:
- Database Class (Query Builder)
- Config Class
- Email Class
- Encryption Class
- File Uploading Class
- Input Class
- Loader Class
- Localization
- Output Class (HTTP Responses)
- Pagination
- Session Library
- Database Migrations
- Validation
- View Parser
- HTML Table Class
- Unit Testing Class

Do you have any libraries you would like us to add to our list?


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