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What You Should Know About low profile queen platform bed

A low-profile queen platform bed is a minimally designed bed that sits 2 to 5 inches lower to the ground compared to other platform beds. This type of bed has a minimal but elegant look and is usually used for modern bedroom designs. Some of them include headboards and footboards, and their frames are available both in wood and metal. Also, some have feet while others are made of wheels. Low profile beds are most famous for a couple, given their size and firm foundation. When searching for a low-profile queen-size bed, there are several factors to consider.

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[Image: MI20sGS7p0J8UydR1BHNZLgvfgE5Zzz-oLSZZ0_j...-7KRxH1RJ8]


A low-profile queen platform bed measures 60 inches in width and 80 inches in length. In most cases, beds are awarded names given their sizes. What differentiates various queen platform beds is their heights. In this case, we are looking at a low-profile queen platform bed. Its height from the ground varies from 2 to 5 inches, which is relatively lower compared to ordinary platform beds. The measurement can comfortably accommodate a couple. Its low profile also makes it durable for weighty sleepers. A queen platform bed needs a big bedroom, most preferably the master bedroom.  

Common materials used to create a low-profile queen platform bed

1. Wood

Wood is the most commonly used and the oldest material in making a queen platform bed. Even though its availability continues to diminish, wood continues to be the most frequently used material to manufacture platform beds or any other furniture. Wood, mainly hardwood, is by far the most durable material for any furniture. Furthermore, wood is the most readily available material apart from metal available across the world. Adding aesthetic value to a queen platform bed made of wood is much easier than those made from other materials. The most commonly used wood includes mahogany, Oak, and Walnut. 

2. Metal

Metal is another popular material used to make low-profile platform beds. Owing to their strength and ability to sustain high pressure, metal is one of the oldest materials used to makes platform beds. Technology has enabled adding finer details to a platform made of metal much more comfortable. In terms of strength and durability, queen platform beds made of metal offer superior performance. Steel is the most commonly used metal material to manufacture queen platform beds. However, more sophisticated queen size platform beds could be made out of brass or copper, or diamond. 

3. Leather 

Well, no queen size platform bed is made from leather. They are usually made from metal or wood and then covered with leather. These types of beds are referred to as upholstered beds. The soft leather is specially added to give the platform bed a soft touch and a good look. Leather can be added either to one side or to all sides of the queen size platform bed. The upholstery can be faux leather or genuine leather. Low profile platform beds are easily cleanable and therefore are suitable for people with pets or kids. 

Walking into the market and buying any other platform is a bad idea. Since there are many types of low-profile queen platform beds, you can easily get overwhelmed. Here are factors to consider when buying a low-profile queen platform bed. 

4. Size of your bedroom

Remember that the standard measurement of a low-profile queen-size bed is 60 by 80 inches. Therefore, if the space of your room is anything less than the said dimension, going for a low-profile queen platform bed or any other platform bed is a bad idea. The bed should fit your room comfortably and leave you enough space to move around freely. A modern bedroom does not require a bed to occupy three-quarters of the whole bedroom. 

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5. Material used

If you are looking for looks more than sustainability, then a low-profile queen-size platform bed is suitable for you. Platform bed frames made of metal are more durable and more sustainable than those made of wood. However, if you are looking to upgrade the general outlook of your bedroom, you can go for those with headboards and footboards. Even though most people are purchasing a low-profile platform, beds prefer simplicity.  

6. Storage Space

As mentioned earlier, a low-profile platform bed has an under-bed allowance of fewer than 5 inches. What this means is that you do not have enough under-bed space to put some of your belongings. Therefore, you should have an extra storage facility in your bedroom. Your bedroom should be large enough to accommodate such a storage facility. 

[Image: ojUccqcatv-MIUsm1z86o5U3DpgclTg7Iu7KH-_A...Jywtn2_dVo]

7. Slat Spacing

Another essential thing to consider is slate spacing. The slate spacing of your queen size platform bed will determine the lifespan of your mattress. Closely spaced slats guard your mattress better since the mattress will not sag easily. Because a queen size platform bed is meant for two, ensure the material used to make the slats are strong enough. 

Low Profile Platform Bed Perfect For

Owing to its strength and dimension of 60 by 80 inches, the bed easily accommodates two or more people. Moreover, the foundation has a weight capacity of more than 300lbs. In terms of space needed for the bed, 10 feet square meters is perfect for the bed. This type of bed is therefore ideal for a master bedroom. The bed is most suitable for a newly married couple who are sexually active. It provides enough supportive space for the couple to stretch as much as they wish without disturbing the sleep of the other. 


If you are looking for an upgrade of what you currently have, a low-profile queen platform bed suits you. The bed is particularly the right choice for two weighty people. Also, the bed is suitable for the old, and the disabled because of its low-profile feature. The choice of a mattress for your low-profile queen platform bed is essential. Ensure that the mattress is of good grasp and the right dimension. Generally, a low-profile platform bed adds a touch of class to your bedroom.


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