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Redefining PATH VIEWS in the CI4 and HMVC to real world

Hi community, It would be great to know how to resolve this issue, not have to transfer all the data unnecessarily, simply because codeigniter's core function is partially written to operate with App/Codeigniter Namespace views, a shame, it would be great if an update could be applied because modular writing is the cornerstone of Codeigniter's future and should be taken into account to achieve the success that always presedes a prestigious Framework such as the Codeigniter.

I would appreciate it if the community knows that you can give me a hand and that you can get me out of this situation, I don't know how to solve it would be great to be able to access simplify this situation quickly without uploading the views within the App folder, need define in the GenericModule-Codeigniter read your own views completely independently of the App-Codeigniter

locate file not detected => 'App\Modules\Generic\Views\Files\index'; // need detecte this
is ok detected file => 'App\Views\Files\index'; // this is work perfect, need module standalone not dependency of App Module is not logic

I find myself at the next crossroads, I have a problem when I make changes within the system, as you will see I have problems with the function called view, something that requires is to call a view but as you saw the system of this function presents primitive faults, as you could not miss.
PHP Code:
SYSTEMPATH\Exceptions\FrameworkException.php at line 33
33         return new static
(lang('Core.invalidFile', [$path])); 

Unfortunately the framework is not well written in its entirety, although it is excellent that it works, but it costs too much to patch badly created flaws by this new update
You may think it's a system problem that's not ready to operate with HMVC, but it should be noted that they are primitive functions, simple requirements to totally basic actions that other frameworks could deal with.
In this I also want to add that it would be good for them to explain what they know about the framework, as I could as soon as patch this flaw.

PHP Code:
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
// -----------------------------------------------------------------------
I don't want any collaborator to be offended by my suggestion, maybe I'm wrong but as you'll see this is more useful than looking for the crustified Christ within the code and/or finding a way to make something as basic as a call to the codeigniter monkey work.



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