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Blade Template in Codeigniter

A library for rendering *.blade.php file in CI. 

This can render .blade.php in Codeinteger and can convert Strings into blade templating system.
  • This library follows HMVC
  • This has predefine cache for rendering files quickly
  • It supports:

    Quote:comments, echos, forelse, empty, includes, layouts, section_start, section_end, yields, yield_sections, extensions, else, unless, endunless, endforelse, structure_openings, structure_closings
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You can use those shorttags to make the template and this will prevent you to write <?= $data ?> or <?php echo $data ?> everytime. You can just use {{$data}} to render your data.

You can also conver strings into blade view without any blade.php file. 
This is so usefull when you store some template in Database with {{$variable}} .
Just pull the template from db and pass the variable data it will compile and return you the template without any blade.php file and then you can render it as a string in any where.

Common Scenario:
You save a email template in you database like this:

Hello {{$first_name}} {{$last_name}} !

Reset your password by clicking following link

<a href="{{$url}}">Clcik Here</a>

Rendering this in blade in compicated but with this library you can render this in a minute.

This library avaiable in github.
Blade Template in Codeigniter

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