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db_session + flashdata + redirect --> drives me crazy ^^

ok guys, i have the following problem:

in a controller i use something like this:
$this->db_session->set_flashdata('session_notice', 'Message blah blah');
header("location: ".$this->config->site_url()."/thiscontroller/thisfunction");
but the data is not saved to my session/db and therefore can not be retrieved to be displayed in my view after the redirect

but if i use the same code but redirect not to "/thiscontroller/thisfunction" but e.g. just "/thiscontroller/" or "/thiscontroller/anotherfunction" or "/anothercontroller/" the data is set and saved to my session/db

anyone got a clue why this is happening? it's kinda like driving me crazy right now that i just can't get it to work...i'm really stuck here.

can any mod plz delete this topic?...i guess i have been awake for to long...works fine now...

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