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Its supposed to be easy, right?

test.htm works fine.

I tried each option in combination with the suggested question mark and without it (10 different combinations)

Seems that other people have the same problem with IIS... if you want an easy setup look at xampp (apache,php and mysql distribution). I will have a hunt on the forums for you see what I can dig out.

what version of iis are you using?


found above link I don't know if its useful at all.. I will do a bit more research and post some more links in this reply.. as one day I may need to use IIS

IIS 5.1
php 5.2.0
mysql 5.0.27


some people suggest using ISAPI Rewrite so the CI search friendly urls work, see above link.

I dont think it is IIS. Urlrewrites are allright, but we still should find the page without it, dont you think? I tried to change

$route['default_controller'] = "welcome";


$route['default_controller'] = "temp";

in system/application/config/routes.php and now the Temp class (in temp.php) works, (browsing to But there seems to be some step missing here. Im not sure weather I missed it or what... Sorry again if this is too newbie for you.

I think you will find the default controller always works, this isn't a newbie question at all as it appears lots of people have had problems with this.

I think the URLS codeigniter uses are not compatable with IIS without using the ISAPI Rewrite.

what you could do as a test is enable_query_strings in the config/config.php and then browse to


see if that works... the config file has a comment to show you how to use enable_query_strings

if that works you know its a URL style problem.

Yeah, you´re right! Browsing to or or now all works fine!

OK, so then it must be the urlrewrite thing, thanks for your help, I think I´ll find my way around now (or otherwise I'll be back)

Suggestion: Maybe this could have been written i the trouble shooting?

good point, why not suggest it in the feature requests. Glad you got it going.

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