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[eluser]Jakob Buis[/eluser]
I took Magento for a spin over that last week and it's a good product. It offers a impressive array of features; but it has one drawback that killed my party: it's too **** slow!

Opening a page in the backend can take up to 10 seconds; front-end with 3 products in 1 category can take up to 3 seconds on my shared host! Only use it when you have the resources available..

@Jemgames, I'm definitely interested in "Phoenix". Can you release an alpha-build or did we lose you to RoR already? Tongue

magento is nice really, has a lot of thing that could be modified and customized
but it's one big tank and not always be needed for some casual seller

magento would be very usefull for some corporate seller
where as they have man power and of course $$ :p
customizing theme and module is really quite a painfull learning curve
and since it rely on parsing XML, it indeed very slow and could eat a lot of your server resource

so if you could come up with lighter system, i would say why not

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
For anyone looking into developing their own ecommerce solution, please, for the sake of your clients, look into the PCI DSS Standards: https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/sec..._dss.shtml

I've had some experience with Magento, and whilst it is very robust and has many functions and modules built it, it is SLOW! I have had a site hosted on a dedicated server, with optimized sql and caching etc, and it still takes quite a few seconds for product pages to load, and the backend admin is just plain annoying!

Speed and security are the two prominant issues when ecommerce is concerned, and whilst Magento covers security, the speed is unaccetable.

I would greatly like to hear about any webshop solutions you guys have been working on, as I'm on the brink of developing a CI solution, but would rather help out and build onto an alpha release rather than start from scratch!

My open source CI webshop. There are still many things wrong with it but it is a complete shop...


[eluser]Sarfaraz Momin[/eluser]
Awesome dude !!! downloading it now !!! would give it a try and provide my feedback on it...
I think you should create a Wiki for it.

[quote author="Sarfaraz Momin" date="1231763009"]Awesome dude !!! downloading it now !!! would give it a try and provide my feedback on it...
I think you should create a Wiki for it.

The code is really hard to use now... and I think not really usable. I am rewriting large parts of it now. On github there is a wiki with a simple install guide, roadmap and the sql file.

thanks for this.

I tried Magento and several others unfortunately they have crappy CSV import capabilities and not enough customisation, especially with how i needed an ecommerce site to be (based on the customer requirements).

So i created my own, it works but it lacks some nice features (such as a postage calculator for Australia Post).

Hrmm, looks good, naturally i can't read the language it is written in, what language is it, cos maybe google translator will help me?

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