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Ajax response delays (10s) due to host or session conflict?


I was so close to releasing my new shiny app but when i had some people beta test it i ran in to some wierd looking response delays in my ajax calls.

Basically, the user drags around some objects on the screen and when the user is ready, i save the positions using an ajax call.

Sometimes these responses take a lot of time to return - about 10 secs. I have tested it on 2 different decent office networks with the laggy results. I dont experience any real lag like that on my localhost (Win/WAMP). I am hosted on joyent shared accellerators.

An JS guy I talked to yesterday thought it may be related to many access attempts to the session data (I do have a lot of php functions trigger upon that ajax call, of which several access the CI session userdata to see what user id we can use for this action). My sessions do not use the db, and have encryption turned on.

I thought it was just a slow host, but now I am not sure.

Anyone has an idea?


[eluser]Nikhil Vijayan[/eluser]
did u try it by turning off encryption ?

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