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result array keys from columns

I just wanted to share a change I made on the result_array db function. It will let you specify a column to use as a key in the array that it returns:
In that example it would use the id column as the array key, which I think makes it easier to work with in some situations.

Here's the modified function from DB_result.php
function result_array($key = NULL)
    if (count($this->result_array) > 0)
        return $this->result_array;

    // In the event that query caching is on the result_id variable
    // will return FALSE since there isn't a valid SQL resource so
    // we'll simply return an empty array.
    if ($this->result_id === FALSE OR $this->num_rows() == 0)
        return array();

    while ($row = $this->_fetch_assoc())
        if ( ! is_null($key) )
            $this->result_array[$row[$key]] = $row;
            $this->result_array[] = $row;
    return $this->result_array;

Cool beans, great for generating form dropdowns!

A must have Smile

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