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Before i do it, has anyone else made a lib for worldpay?

I've gotta integrate me shop with worldpay.

Has anyone else done this already? If so do you errr fancy ummm letting me have your code? There, that was subtle....

I'm so lazy.

As far as I know, noone has, but if you did and contributed it, I think it would be great.

Alright, alright. I'm reading through their 70 page pdf guide at the mo.......

[quote author="audiopleb" date="1213748791"]Alright, alright. I'm reading through their 70 page pdf guide at the mo.......[/quote]
rofl, have fun mate Smile

I have been looking at the “world pay call back” for a customer and am trying to build a controller to intercept the call back variables

Here is what I have done so far but hopefully we can improve it and get it working perfectly as its not picking up all the call back variables yet. i have attached the sql info but cant post the entire controller as the forums wont allow me to.

the jos_web_worldpay_callback.txt is the sql file
$data_instId =  $this->input->get_post()('instId');    
        $data_email =  $this->input->get_post()('email');
        $data_transTime =  $this->input->get_post()('transTime');
        $data_country =  $this->input->get_post()('country');                
        $data_rawAuthCode =  $this->input->get_post()('rawAuthCode');
        $data_installation =  $this->input->get_post()('installation');
        $data_tel =  $this->input->get_post()('tel');
        $data_address =  $this->input->get_post()('address');
        $data_MC_log =  $this->input->get_post()('MC_log');        
        $data_rawAuthMessage =  $this->input->get_post()('rawAuthMessage');        
        $data_authAmount =  $this->input->get_post()('authAmount');
        $data_amountString =  $this->input->get_post()('amountString');
        $data_cardType =  $this->input->get_post()('cardType');
        $data_AVS =  $this->input->get_post()('AVS');
        $data_cost =  $this->input->get_post()('cost');        
        $data_currency =  $this->input->get_post()('currency');
        $data_testMode =  $this->input->get_post()('testMode');
        $data_authAmountString =  $this->input->get_post()('authAmountString');
        $data_fax =  $this->input->get_post()('fax');
        $data_lang =  $this->input->get_post()('lang');
        $data_transStatus =  $this->input->get_post()('transStatus');
        $data_compName =  $this->input->get_post()('compName');
        $data_authCurrency =  $this->input->get_post()('authCurrency');
        $data_postcode =  $this->input->get_post()('postcode');
        $data_authCost =  $this->input->get_post()('authCost');
        $data_desc =  $this->input->get_post()('desc');
        $data_countryMatch =  $this->input->get_post()('countryMatch');
        $data_cartId =  $this->input->get_post()('cartId');
        $data_transId =  $this->input->get_post()('transId');
        $data_M_var1 =  $this->input->get_post()('M_var1');        
        $data_authMode =  $this->input->get_post()('authMode');
        $data_countryString =  $this->input->get_post()('countryString');
        $data_name =  $this->input->get_post()('name');

$sql = "INSERT INTO jos_web_worldpay_callback (id,



[eluser]Jordan Harper[/eluser]
Did anyone make any progress with this? I'm in the same boat as the thread initiator, so wondered if anyone could save me some time Smile

Seems to be lots of PayPal libraries out there, but nobody's tackled WorldPay, am I wrong?

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