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A question regarding the Session Class


I do not understand what is so good in having the following information available:

'session_id' => random hash,
'ip_address' => 'string - user IP address',
'user_agent' => 'string - user agent data',
'last_activity' => timestamp

How can this help me in creating a member area, for example?

Please clarify. Thanks.

[eluser]Matthieu Fauveau[/eluser]
These values are actually used by the session class itself to keep track of the users, nothing else...

You can put any information you want in the session (up to its limit). The above data is included in the session class by default.

To create a member area, with restricted access, you can for exmaple set session data called "logged_in" to TRUE.

Your session userdata array wil then be:

‘session_id’ => random hash,
‘ip_address’ => ‘string - user IP address’,
‘user_agent’ => ‘string - user agent data’,
‘last_activity’ => timestamp,
'logged_in' => TRUE

In your member area methods you can then check for:

if ($this->session->userdata('logged_in'))
// do if logged in

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