The tutorial program

Hi all

Is there somewhere a download for the MySQL program and the PHP Editor program from the tutorials ?

Thanks for helping.

Greets Jesse2303

See also this topic...

Just Google for CocoaMySql and TextMate (Mac apps)

[quote author="CI andrea" date="1214251544"]Just Google for CocoaMySql and TextMate (Mac apps)[/quote]

Thanks for your fast reply. I was going to buy a Mac so I have lucky now Tongue.

But now I'm on windows, is there also a windows version ?

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
Eclipse is what I use. I do MySQL stuff with phpMyAdmin. I've yet to find any better alternatives for Windows, sadly.

e-texteditor is the best textmate clone you'll find. It supports textmate themes and snippets.

Just a quick note, TextMate does cost money, so if you just want something to get you through, here's some others.

If you're looking for something that's free, I used to use Notepad++ back when I developed on Windows, but it doesn't go much farther than tabbed editing, syntax colors, and some other features I never used (you might though).

If you're looking for an all-round web development studio, try Aptana, since it has awesome support for Javascript, CSS, HTML, and you can download a PHP plugin (never tried that though). It's also based on Eclipse, so you can download it by itself or through Eclipse as a plugin.

Also, Zend Studio seems to be offering v5.5 for free. At least, I think it's free since after installing I'm not getting any messages saying I'm using a trial. It also has really good support for PHP coding, including autocompletion and tooltips that give you parameter lists for different PHP functions.

As for MySQL I use PHPMyAdmin while developing, though I recently got NaviCat after a client recommended it.
All of the above have free versions, and I think Aptana's free version and Notepad++ is open source.

Textamte, cost money indeed but I love the interface, you have your own project files you can open/close/edit files very fast.

Now I have phpDesigner 2008, 50€. But it's to big for me.

I agree with Colin I used several editors but Eclipse rulez. the functionallity is endless.

I use Eclipse and XAMPP Smile

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