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If I have a patch to submit (in this case, to the db_connect method of the CI_DB_postgre_driver class in system/database/drivers/postgre/postgre_driver.php), how would I got about doing that? Are community code submissions accepted?

Thanks, from an enthusiastic newbie.


[eluser]Derek Jones[/eluser]
The Bug Tracker would be the most appropriate place, if it's a fix. If it's a feature request, then the feature request forum.

It's a fix, so to speak, though there's no bug associated with it. I expect perhaps the bug tracker is the way to go, but first, lemme give you the whole story and you can probably give me the official answer.

In my server configuration, httpd runs as the "apache" user account. I need my controller to connect to a postgres database named "db1" running on localhost. The current config permits the apache account to connect to the db1 database without providing any additional credentials -- and in fact, I don't have any idea what the password is for the apache account. If I just use "pg_connect('dbname=db1');", it connects fine. However, the connection logic for the postgre driver (in the db_connect and db_pconnect methods) doesn't support not supplying a hostname, username, or password. So I modified the methods to create the appropriate connection string from whichever parameters are available.

[eluser]Derek Jones[/eluser]
If you wouldn't mind tossing it into the Bug Forum so other CI users who run Postgre could bat it around, that would be preferable to starting the discussion in the Bug Tracker itself. When a consensus is reached by the community of Postgre users including yourself, then an informed and complete bug tracker entry could be filed.

Will do, thanks.

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