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Geolocating service or API?

Does anyone know if there is such a service? Preferably free... Wink

PS: Clarification - I need IP to physical street address translation, not reverse DNS lookup or geocoding (which is physical street address to IP address).

Google maps *might* do it...

Nope... either that or i can't seem to find it

[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
Hrm.. I would just scrape this http://www.ipaddressguide.com/ip2location.aspx?ip=[ip]

There is an API out there somewhere. I think I have it bookmarked on another computer. These are never really accurate in my experience.

Tbanks Colin.
Has anyone tried that MyLoki thing-a-magic?
The only problem with that is... it requires a plugin download on the client side.

Yahoo Fireeagle!


Damn... i need an invitation code. I registered but it says I gotta wait. Crud.

[eluser]Hugh Fletcher[/eluser]
I have used http://maxmind.com(limited free services and lots of pay options but very accurate) and http://hostip.info(free and not so accurate).

Thanks Hugh for the awesome info.

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