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Weird behaviour - image dissappears

[eluser]The Mask[/eluser]
I have an 'About' page that is called by an 'About' controller...

function index()
$this->load->view( 'about_view' );

This works fine when called as: http://www.mysite.com/about

However, if I change my controller to include a method that does exactly the same, an image at the top of the page dissappears.


and in my controller...
function test()
$this->load->view( 'about_view' );

So the same view is being loaded but an image is not shown. Any ideas, it's driving me nuts!
I have stripped everything out of the controller and view to leave basically what is above.

what's the path of your image?

there's a huge difference between <img src="images/blah.gif"> or <img src="/images/blah.gif">

I'm guessing you've got smth like the first and you need smth like the second. (it happened to me on the current site i'm doing)

[eluser]The Mask[/eluser]
All sorted.
Thanks very much!

[quote author="The Mask" date="1215630994"]All sorted.
Thanks very much![/quote]

so how did you solve it?

[eluser]Dagobert Renouf[/eluser]
hi guys, I have a similar probleme here.

When I request my page with "index.php" image show up.
But if I just drop the index.php from the url they won't show up, wtf ?

The path is '../files/' and I tried a lot of different ones.
I'm trying to target : "www/codeIgniter/files"

[eluser]The Mask[/eluser]
My image src was set to "images/xxx.jpg", changed it to "/images/xxx.jpg" and it works fine now. It was aa simple as that.

[eluser]Dagobert Renouf[/eluser]
thank you themask :

To avoid the bug I need to do this : /codeigniter/images/xxx.jpg I don't know why this differs from you but whatever it works.

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