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Image Resizing Questions/Problems

[eluser]Paul Skinner[/eluser]
[quote author="Randy Casburn" date="1215823922"]Please note the edits to the previous post. I forgot the put $this->config in the calls to the image lib function.


I noticed the edits, thanks.

The code you supplied is erroring for me.

$this->config['source_image'] = $f;

is apparently causing it.

"Message: Undefined variable: f"

I'm also getting:
"Message: Undefined property: Test::$load"

for the line:

[eluser]Randy Casburn[/eluser]
Yes, of course. I did not look thoroughly enough.

1) Let's take
$this->config['source_image'] = $f;
first. If you look at the code again, $f is not even declared until you enter the foreach() loop. So you'll need to move that down into the foreach() loop. Didn't catch that one. Thanks.

2) Right. Didn't mean for you to use this verbatim. Thought you would incorporate into your current controller. If you're going to extend CI's Controller Class, you'll need include this in the constructor:



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