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Swfaddress and CodeIgniter


I was wondering if anyone has used swfaddress with a codeigniter site. I want to use it but it looks like it might take a bit of time for me to get my head around. Just wanted make sure that it was going to be possible to use it with code igniter in the first place.


Hi Moesian,
Whats a swfaddress?

Got a link

Yep, propbably should have thought of that when I posted. swfaddress can be found here. It's for deep linking with flash and ajax.


Ok I read the description and opened the zip file and started reading the Actionscript files and the (Compressed) JS files and started to wonder why you would want this?

1. Bookmarking in a browser or social website
2. Sending links via email or instant messenger
3. Finding specific content with the major search engines
4. Utilizing browser history and reload buttons

1. Javascript bookmark script (1k)
2. Send links via CI great email object
3. using Google to retrieve information (iFrame) within your site or
open a browser window and go to google
4. Javascript history object.(.1k)

Sorry am I missing the point?

Hi Cjunky,

You've confused me a bit. SwfAddress as far as I can see basically appends anchors to the url when either an ajax page is updated or when changes occur inside an swf file. These anchors provide a reference to the ajax page or swf in a particular state allowing the user to bookmark the page or swf in that state and return to it at a later date or use the back and foward buttons to toggle through states.

My main concern with using it with codeigniter is the structure of the url that is created for example: www.mywebsite/#/stuff-that-swfaddress-appends. Will the /#/ interfere with the way that CI operates? Maybe if it does something could be done in the CI routes file to work around it?

Thanks again

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