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Class 'Kint\Kint' not found - Ken McClain - 04-06-2020

To get a base line with CI4, I am trying to get the default 'Welcome_message'  to work on my host provider, HostGator. It works fine on localhost but when I move the files to my hostprovider it gets the 'Whoosh....' error.

I have set the permissions on the write folder and all its subfolders to 777
my .env file set the baseURL as follows:   
      app.baseURL = ''

I launch the website from Chrome using:

It fails and the following is placed in the Log folder

CRITICAL - 2020-04-06 12:11:01 --> Class 'Kint\Kint' not found
#0 /home1/kenatkmplace/ require_once()
#1 /home1/kenatkmplace/ CodeIgniter\CodeIgniter->initializeKint()
#2 /home1/kenatkmplace/ CodeIgniter\CodeIgniter->initialize()
#3 /home1/kenatkmplace/ require('/home1/kenatkmp...')
#4 {main}

Any ideas?
Thanks in advance

RE: Class 'Kint\Kint' not found - jreklund - 04-06-2020

You need to rename Kint, see here: