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CI3 User Guide Style

Hi Folks,

i just work on a small modification of the user guide. Here are my first preview:


On the top right you see an icon where you can click to switch the content in fullwidth mode. Click again to close this mode. I just work on a setting to choose permanently fullwidth for all sites as default.

The next level of my mod you can see as example on this site


Same again but with a topnav like the old 2.x docs .. please note, that the content is right know just copy and paste for demonstration. I work on a automatic generation of the toc list.

Let me here what you think ^^.


that's so sad. it's very very very clean and nice design.
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(12-17-2014, 11:46 AM)geekita Wrote: It seems that an intermediate step is missing here http://www.codeigniter.com/userguide3/in...ading.html
Where is the one from 2.2.0 to 3.0.0? Big Grin


The style of the new guide is clean and professional, and the text is certainly easy to read, even on an iPad. Personally, I find the new sidebar navigation to be an enormous improvement over the old drop-down one which used to get in the way a lot, specially when accessing the docs on mobile devices.

A couple of notes on the CONTENT:
1) Instructions for getting rid of the 'index.php' file in the URIs should perhaps be part of the installation guide - this is something the vast majority of users will want to do.

2) In the 'Static Pages' part of the tutorial, you talk about using a $title variable in the header template, but the template code you get the user to type has no $title in it. At least, on the iPad it doesn't show.

3) In the 'Create News' section of the tutorial, there seems to be a fairly glaring omission: showing the user how to specify that SLUGS should be UNIQUE, and how to handle the case of when they're not. If the topic is considered too advanced for an introductory tutorial - which is likely the case - then perhaps there should be a link to another section of the docs that explains how uniqueness should be checked during form submissions.

Very good, now make same one for CodeIgniter 2 please. Unless we have version 3 very soon.

Big Grin thanks!
My bad, my english 10:32 AM

(12-15-2014, 02:58 PM)jlp Wrote: We have a new style for the CodeIgniter 3 User Guide, and would love your comments on it!

The user guide can be read online or you can download it and read it offline.

Hello jlp,

First of all - the docs seem nice but there is one big problem with the navigation. The problem is you have to either scroll (the right side of the screen) or click (the explorer/navigator-like menu on the left) to find your thing. I was much less effort to find an article in the old guide (still is) because all topics were only 1 click away. This practice was a bit genius and I don't think it is the thing you should abandon when making the new docs. Rolleyes

Also - please - fix the captcha at the register screen. I am by no means color blind, but it took 10 refreshes to guess it correctly. That is too much. Really. Sad

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