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  5 Killer Websites for Developers
Posted by: php_rocs - Today, 06:15 AM - No Replies

Dev.to link: Top 5 Killer Websites for Developers - DEV Community

  CLI library : be able to print arrays or objects
Posted by: Fred9176 - Today, 03:01 AM - Replies (1)


Would it be possible to add the equivalent of print_r or var_dump to the CLI librayy ? 
Actually, it only allows strings as input and this will also permit to display arrays and objects.
Thank you,


  Session how do I remove the old ones?
Posted by: mhmtpccl - 12-02-2023, 09:58 AM - Replies (2)

Hello, how do I clear old session data?

  DKIM Signature with email function
Posted by: humbucker - 12-01-2023, 08:08 AM - Replies (1)

I'm using CI4 for a production project, and more and more emails sent through CI email function are being rejected because they are not signed with a DKIM signature.
I have these settings in my .env file

PHP Code:
email.fromEmail 'xxx'
email.fromName 'xxx'
email.mailType 'html'
email.SMTPHost 'xxx'
email.SMTPUser 'xxx'
email.SMTPPass 'xxx'
email.SMTPPort '465'
email.SMTPCrypto 'ssl' 
What should I add to use my DKIM private key here ?
Thank you

  development environment for specific controller only
Posted by: Ornis - 12-01-2023, 03:06 AM - Replies (1)

Is it possible to set 'development' mode for a specific controller only in CI 4?

Thanks Martin

  Exploring the Future: What Lies Beyond PHP 8.3?
Posted by: EmilyJohnsons - 11-30-2023, 10:44 PM - No Replies

Hello everyone, I would want to know whether there are any internal plans for the upcoming major PHP version. Are there going to be any big adjustments made?

  Email Library
Posted by: mkork - 11-30-2023, 03:09 AM - Replies (3)

Dear all,
I hope you are fine. My name is Murat and I'm here to learn and get some help on codeigniter. I'm someone with very basic coding skills.
I've been requested to correct a problem on an codeigniter application. System suddenly stop to send cron jobs notifications and email are not sent using the configuration under config/email.php but the server (!)...

I tried to look everywhere and I see everytime I have a code for mail sending it refers to $this->load->library('email'); or $this->load->helper('email');
I checked in Library Folder and Helper Folder and dont have any email configuration.
Do you have any idea how can I solve this?

  InvalidChars Filter - turn off logging?
Posted by: CIDave - 11-30-2023, 02:56 AM - Replies (5)

I am currently using the InvalidChars Filter to help prevent spam on my site.
However, every time it seems to work, it also puts a log in the error log file. Is there anyway to remove this? I don't need to know someone submitted invalid characters- I just want to block it.
I have a contact form and it gets spammed by bots all the time (even with captcha on it). They often have some strange characters in their messages and this makes it get added to my log file.

Quote:CRITICAL - 2023-11-28 10:51:09 --> Invalid UTF-8 characters in post:
in SYSTEMPATH/Filters/InvalidChars.php on line 102.
1 SYSTEMPATH/Filters/InvalidChars.php(102): CodeIgniter\Security\Exceptions\SecurityException::forInvalidUTF8Chars()
2 [internal function]: CodeIgniter\Filters\InvalidChars->checkEncoding()
3 SYSTEMPATH/Filters/InvalidChars.php(93): array_map()
4 SYSTEMPATH/Filters/InvalidChars.php(67): CodeIgniter\Filters\InvalidChars->checkEncoding()
5 SYSTEMPATH/Filters/Filters.php(184): CodeIgniter\Filters\InvalidChars->before()
6 SYSTEMPATH/CodeIgniter.php(474): CodeIgniter\Filters\Filters->run()
7 SYSTEMPATH/CodeIgniter.php(361): CodeIgniter\CodeIgniter->handleRequest()
8 FCPATH/index.php(79): CodeIgniter\CodeIgniter->run()

  Seeking help to configure CI4 for successful operation on localhost
Posted by: Jaswitha12 - 11-30-2023, 02:22 AM - Replies (1)

Hello, have a nice day, I would like to know if someone can help me, since I am just seeing CI4, I try to access localhost/name_project and it won't let me enter, I get the list of files except the app folder, but if I try to access it with name_project.test, if it works, does anyone know how to make it run with localhost, in CI3 I could do it
Thank You.... GB WhatsApp has more advanced features that original WhatsApp users had never experienced before on their android phones. 

  Model $afterDelete and propagation
Posted by: grimpirate - 11-29-2023, 11:55 AM - No Replies

My setup is as follows in terms of a simplified database structure: table1, table2, table3, table4, table5. table1, table2 and table3 are independent tables. table4 has foreign keys to the primary keys of table2 and table3. table5 has foreign keys to the primary keys of table1 and table4. In SQL in order to propagate deletions I would use ON DELETE CASCADE on said foreign keys so that if I delete something in table1, table2, or table3, the relevant entries are deleted from table4 and/or table5.

In the models I am using $useSoftDeletes = true, to prevent any permanent data loss. Of course this means that the ON DELETE CASCADE statement is no longer applicable. In order to reproduce the behavior of this I'm using an $afterDelete callback in my models. In table1 and table4 the callback will subsequently delete rows in table5. In table2 and table3 the callback will delete rows in table4. Note that I am using the respective models of each table within the callback (i.e. table1model, table2model, etc.) in order to perform the deletion.

My logic tells me that if I delete something in table2, then its callback should delete something in table4. Finally, because something was deleted in table4 its callback should then delete something in table5. This however, is not the case. In my database results, table5 is wholly unaffected. So why is the $afterDeletion callback/event in table4 not being triggered when its model is being used inside of the $afterDelete callback of table2?

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