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Class 'Kint\Kint' not found - urbik3 - 04-30-2020

Hi, I just installed new CI4 fw on my Windows PC and it works fine. But when I uploaded it on production server, I see the 'Whooops page' even though i have development set up in my .env vars. I looked to error log and I get this error:

CRITICAL - 2020-04-30 14:47:29 --> Class 'Kint\Kint' not found
#0 /home/users/urbik3qzw/ require_once()
#1 /home/users/urbik3qzw/ CodeIgniter\CodeIgniter->initializeKint()
#2 /home/users/urbik3qzw/ CodeIgniter\CodeIgniter->initialize()
#3 /home/users/urbik3qzw/ require('/home/users/urb...')
#4 {main}

Anyone knows whats up with that?  Huh

Thanks in advance  Smile

RE: Class 'Kint\Kint' not found - urbik3 - 04-30-2020

Never mind, I found solution to this problem here:

Maybe it'll help someone.