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Strange situation Helper - bystefu - 01-04-2021

Hello, i  make two helpers. Css_helper and Array_helper.

In my controller, i call Css_helper 

PHP Code:
    function __construct()
        $this->css enqueue_css();

And in Css_helper function i call a function from Array_helper, and it working.But Array wasn't load anywehere, in controller, or in Css_helper, why is ok?They are autoloaded, from helpers to helpers, or what is the point?

RE: Strange situation Helper - InsiteFX - 01-04-2021

CodeIgniter 4 already has an Array Helper so yours would overload it.

I think CodeIgniter loads the array helper for its internal use for the dot access.

Or your calling an array helper where the method name is a php array method.