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Multiple Apps (CodeExtinguisher) - shoot me now!

Ok, I have been scanning the forms, found tons of articles and tried endlessly to get this working, i feel im going in circles here. I am trying to setup a basic 2 app setup, a public/admin scenario. Heres my getup:

-> Line 43 -> $application_folder = "application/client";
-> Line 101-> $application_folder = 'application/client';
-> Line 102->$application_folder = 'application/admin';

ok, in application i have folders

admin contains the CodeExtinguisher files (css,images,backend.php,js,system)
client contains (config,controllers,errors,helpers,hooks,etc etc + index.php)

I have tried endless setups here, I cannot get this to work. Can anyone slide some help, I would be very grateful!

You need to have separate index.php (bootstrap) files for each application.

I assume you use the same for both applications?

Right, ywftdg

you gotta have two separate index.php files on your root.
For example, you may have the usual index.php file leading to the client application and then a backend.php (again in the root) pointing to the codex folder.
The codex folder lays on the root.

Then you access to the client app by www.yoursite.com/index.php
and to the admin app by www.yoursite.com/backend.php

Hope it helps,

ahh ok the root index.php, backend.php files all makes sense now.My only issue now is how is this CodeExtinguisher actually placed into this sub folder 'application/admin/'

It seems it has its own system folder, etc etc, all of the items I am assuming I don't need since they are already in my root? Sorry, new to all this fancy footwork stuff...

The index.php files link to both the system dir and the application dir (which depends on which application you want to use).

So the index.php should link with basepath to your system dir, and with apppath it should link to your main app.
The backend.php file should link with basepath to the same system dir, but with apppath to the CE app dir.

In other words you should have in you root folder:
- system (in common for client and admin)
- assets (again)
- application (the client one)
- codex_application (the codex one)
- index.php (linking to application)
- backend.php (linking to codex_application)

Just an example...

Ugh, still in a haze here. Ok, yes I have my two files on root, index.php and backend.php. The index is working pointing to the application/client area as my main. The code extinguisher still wont load. As I mentioned above, CE comes with its own system, yada yada, so I pointed to what seems the actual application area: application/admin/system/application/backend

But no load. Any you guys ever run this app and i so where did you put it and how was it targeted? I even tryed moving just the 'backend' folder up into my application folder on root, bypassing CE prepackaged system and such, still no load targeting just application/backend

I actually was using a version of CE from its website, found a version posted on here that is setup with the 'codex' folder. So I finally got that to load, thanks for the help guys!

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