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Firefox 3 mulitple ajax requests not updating

I just thought I would give everyone here a quick headsup with the following bug I have come across as I know a few developers here use Firefox and Firebug when coding.

From: http://lab.pxwebdesign.com.au/programmin...pdating/19

This morning I managed to get caught up trying to work out a problem I was facing with some content that was being updated via ajax (using jQuery). Whenever I went to perform the same action/url twice it wouldn’t update - in my case a toggle switch for displaying an item. It seemed to be a caching problem but (suprisingly) IE7 worked fine so it started to point towards something wrong with Firefox 3.

After a quick search around I found I wasn’t alone with encountering the problem with a thread on Mozillazine discussing the same issue which then lead me to a bug report covering the same problem.

The culprit - FireBug

I started to a few posts in the bug report indicating that when you disable firebug (a FireFox plugin that most web developers have turned on - especially when trying to work out problems like this!) that the issue is no longer there.

FireBug for FireFox 3 is still in beta version and the current version that the problem is happening with 1.2.0b7 was only released a couple of weeks ago.

The solution - downgrade

I went hunting for an earlier beta version and still had the problem in beta6, but managed to find a beta version that didn’t have this problem - beta4.

I got it from the following site but the file to look for is firebug-1.2.0b4-fx.xpi



I did a bit more investigation and came across a way to still use the latest beta version (as I certain there would be a few bug fixes) and not encounter this problem. What you need to do is disable the 'Net' panel in firebug and the problem is gone!

[eluser]Randy Casburn[/eluser]
[quote author="Lone" date="1217319363"]UpdateWhat you need to do is disable the 'Net' panel in firebug and the problem is gone![/quote]

Ouch -- and so is your AJAX troubleshooting! Thanks for the update Lone.

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