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MeNeedz Auth

Oh, waldmeister, you were wrong! You can easily get all the twitter statuses of the public timeline or friends timeline. I do it using jQuery, so It can be easily done using PHP+Codeigniter. If you want some help, ask me! :-)

Wrong topic!?

Excuse me, but what? I wrote something incomprehensible? I'm talking about your lib.

And this is not the topic of my twitter library...

OMG, :-) Please, forgive me :-)

excuse me, i have some problem at auth library if i entry some new user with user_id = 20 or higher i got error
like this :

A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined index: user_id

Filename: libraries/Auth.php

Line Number: 74
A PHP Error was encountered

Severity: Notice

Message: Undefined index: user_name

Filename: libraries/Auth.php

Line Number: 62

anybody help me to fix this bug...
soory for my bad engglish

Can you post line 62 to 74?

Because in my version of the library that's somewhere in an array:
var $user_standard_group = 'user';
    var $input_config = array(
                                'login' =>     array(
                                                    'identifier' => 'user_name',
                                                    'password' => 'user_password',
                                                    'remember' => 'remember_me'
                                'register' =>     array(
                                                        'identifier' => 'user_name',
                                                        'password' => 'user_password',
                                                        'email' => 'user_email',
                                                        'primary_key' => 'user_id',

ok thx master...right now i am understand...so help full...and i am success to fix it...

when to release dblog 1.9?? can't wait to develop..

[eluser]Sean Downey[/eluser]
Hi David

Great library - I really like it especially the multi groups part.

I have sent you some code which allows for a hierarchy of groups rather than linear levels.
- forums
- forums_admin
- news
- editor
- administrator

I hope this is a good addition to the code.

I have a couple of questions:
- I read the entire thread and couldn't find where you moved the config items into the library itself instead of keeping them in a seperate /config/auth.php file
What was the reason for moving them back into the library?

- the clear function seems to overwrite the config settings previously set above the constructor function. This means you are setting up the variables twice.
I think this could be changed a bit. I realise that "clear" is on;y called from the "initialize" function.

Thanks again for the great library.
I haven't used it in a project yet but I reckon I will soon.

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