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tips needed regarding mailing using CI


I'm having some doubts about using CI for a certain website.
This client already has a custom build (ancient) framework, but it's crap and though I'm not a programmer, i made some CMS-systems that are better than what they have at the moment,

so far... so good. Sounds like a CI project to me.

But they want to be able to send mails from within their CMS to selections of members depending on interests, membership-level and others...

In an ideal world i would use email class with bcc_batch_mode=TRUE
but i got scared to take this on by reading some comments here about bulk mailing. :-S

Can i trust the email class to send up to 5000 mails?
What's my alternative ?
I can't use a mailinglist service, since the mailings often only are meant to go to a selection of members.

BTW: this project would be hosted on a VPS with plesk

all suggestions are welcome

thanx in advance


[eluser]Colin Williams[/eluser]
A mailing list service is the absolute best way to go. They go to great lengths to insure that you aren't blacklisted as a spammer. Most mailing services provide the ability to have multiple subscriber lists, and an API. So you could feasibly manage your lists in CI and use the API to import them into the provider's subscriber lists.


thanx for the advice, i was afraid i'd get this kind of reaction

However i can't see those mailings as mailing to seperate mailinglists because the recipients can be a different selection of members at any time.
Members are in region groups, and have checked some interests.
I can't make a mailinglist for every possible combination of this criteria.
This means i would have to find a mailingservice that is able to send a mail to a given array of mailadresses rather than a fixed list of mailinglist subscribers.
I am looking for a reliable mailingservice that can do this as we speak..


[eluser]Référencement Google[/eluser]
[quote author="wascko" date="1231985419"]Hi,
Can i trust the email class to send up to 5000 mails?
What's my alternative ?

The Email class is build to forge and send emails, not to manage so long mailing lists, so your only alternative would be to build a mailing list system of your own that rely on the Email class for sending (you can trust it for this feature)

What you should do is have a DB table to track all sent email per mailing ID and send for example flows of 300 emails at once and make loop your script until all emails flagged to "sent".

My english is not so good, hope you get the point.

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