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Getting "application" folder out of "system"

[quote author="jdfwarrior" date="1243244937"][quote author="TheFuzzy0ne" date="1243229232"]What do you mean?[/quote]

What he's saying is.. is that its not relative to the system folder. In another installation I had. I removed application from system and renamed it app, and renamed system to ci. I went to index.php and just updated the names, I didn't change path to show that the app folder wasn't in the system folder. You dont have to put ../ in from of it.[/quote]

I am running my CI installation with the application directory outside system, and I didn't put ../ in front either. I believe there is confusion because the docs say that the full system path is needed:

Quote:It is possible to move your application folder to a different location on your server than your system folder. To do so open your main index.php and set a full server path in the $application_folder variable.

$application_folder = "/Path/to/your/application";

I guess I'd wonder if there is some library or code that needs the full server path, and that it does matter. Why else would it be in the docs?

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