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Bad cookies! "autologin" cookie created on localhost, but not on www server

What could be the reason for an autologin cookie not being created on my web server? When I use MAMP on my Mac, everything works fine. I'm using dx_auth and when I click "remember me", an autologin cookie is created. Works great!

But when I put the files up on my server, no autologin cookie is created. ci_session is, but not autologin. Any ideas why?

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Do you have the cookie domain configured properly in config.php?

Alright, so I added ".mydomain.com" to the config.php. I cleared out the ci_sessions table and tried to login. Can't login at all. Just refreshes the login page with no errors. So I removed the domain from config.php, deleted my cookies and emptied the ci_sessions table, so now I'm back to square-one.

Still no autologin being created.

I'm not sure what I did wrong before, but now I can at least login with my ".domain.com" in config.php.

Still no autologin cookie created. I don't understand why only one cookie gets created. Could this be a PHP setting?

I'm wondering if it's a probably with dx_auth. I built a test page where I create multiple cookies and they work just fine. I can delete them as well. So now I have to figure out why dx_auth doesn't want to create the autologin cookie...

Anyone else have any ideas? This is getting painful!

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