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Where to find CI forum

Anybody know where to find forum for CI?

Thanks and godbless

[eluser]Zeeshan Rasool[/eluser]
Really surprised ! You are new to CI forum and your first thread shows you remains in great hurry or you're short describer ;-) Try to explain your question

[quote author="jhayghost" date="1257423737"]Anybody know where to find forum for CI?

Thanks and godbless[/quote]



Thnx to your quick response,

Yah I`m new in CI.

I have a project that needs forum feature. I don`t have much time to do so I am searching plugins so that I only integrate to my project.

First, Welcome to the CodeIgniter Forums.
I think I saw someone talking about creating a forums library, but dont know whatever happened to it.

CodeIgniter is a "BASE" - meaning, here's a simple platform, now go build your modules, classes, etc.
Meaning: YES - you will have to do your own coding. CodeIgniter is not a CMS, or a blogging system - if you need that, go with SMF or some other forum software.

Or you can purchase ExpressionEngine - which is a CMS with a Forum component - also from the same creators of CodeIgniter.

Web Application/Site Development is not a quick fix, do it right, build it yourself, OR hire a professional to do it for you.

Sorry for the harsh response, it just seems to be a common this around here.

[eluser]Phil Sturgeon[/eluser]
Seeing as CodeIgniter has no standard user management/authentication system, you cannot simply plug a forum into it. It's impossible, and many have tried.

There are several half-finished forum systems around with their own user system that can be found via our mutual friend Google, but there is no quick solution to this. I'm surprised your forum search didn't find several posts saying the same thing, as I have answered this request many times myself.

I thought you were asking for suggestions on a forum for the topic of CodeIgniter, I damn near laughed my ass off. I saw Phil had posted here on the forum list and I thought it was a joke. Ah, nothing like laughing at something that wasn't meant to be funny.

Anyway, it seems like most people have just used a mature existing forum system, like phpBB, and then integrated it with CI a bit so they could use some of its control methods directly from CI. People have done the same for WordPress as well.

A forum is really more of an application than it is something that logically can function as a mere plugin for something like CI. And talk about reinventing a wheel, though admittedly some people think it is useful...for some reason that is beyond me...

If it were me, I'd just grab one of the systems like phpBB and go for it, because I have no desire to build one or even spend heavy time on integrating one. But of course your interests may be completely different.

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