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Auth Lib

Hey guys,
Please bare with me, as this is my first library for CI - great framework btw!
I was in need of a flexible auth system for my current project but couldn't find one that met my requirements.
I was inspired by Jens Roland to implement a few unique features to my library.

You can check it out at http://dev.0510ml.dk/auth/
I havent finished the userguide yet, besides installing and features list.

I'm planning on doing the rest tomorrow (or at least most of it),
if you wanna check it out before the userguide is done please do, there should be lots of docblocks and comments.

Feedback will be much appreciated Smile

Download link is under "Installing" or here: http://dev.0510ml.dk/auth/auth.zip

PS. I suck at names, so if you have a suggestion for one, please tell Tongue

Hi connors,
Thanks for the contribution, looking it over now and wondering if there's typos or if I just missed something.

Lines 194, 200 and 204 in your model have the variable $dat not $data, are those typos or did I miss their declaration?

So far, it looks pretty good and I like the Ban, Whitelist and Lockdown features. I see you have Display options in the Config file, do you know if this works with macigniter's Form Lib?

Oh, you didn't have the license stated in the model file or I think the documentation site.

Hi 2think,
Thank you for your feedback.
I've uploaded an updated version of the auth lib to the same url as the old one (http://dev.0510ml.dk/auth/auth.zip) - fixed a few bugs I've noticed when I checked on line 194,200 and 204 :p

It's not typos, and you didn't miss the declaration - I forgot to declare it Tongue
It's being used for inserting data from your registration form into multiple tables - e.g.
your registration form contains the personal stuff as password, username, email which goes into the 'user' table. You also have some profile info like bio, interests and job which goes into the 'profile' table and so on. The lines have been commented and should explain what I'm doing Smile

I'm using macigniter's form lib myself, and yes its working. Functions with (&$form,$post) as parameters is specificly made for his library Tongue

I haven't gotten around the user guide so much due to loads of homework, but I'm hoping I'll be able to soon.

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