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Hi Guys,

I have a question for searching, for example we have two different table the hero table and the skills table.

1. in skills table we have 3 columns skill_id, hero_id(foreign key), and skill_name, so we can put as many skills to each hero
2. in hero table we have 2 columns hero_id and hero_name

example data :

hero table
hero_id | hero_name
1 | alex
2 | hector

skills table
skill_id | hero_id |skill_name
1 | 1 |Fast
2 | 1 |Strong
3 | 1 |Flying
4 | 2 |X-ray eyes
5 | 2 |Flying
6 | 2 |Fast

If I search for Heroes name who have the skill_name like Fast and Strong.
The output will be
alex and hector
wherein the hero_name alex will not be duplicated because he has a fast and strong skills.
How can I do that? (search for multiple skill_name but the output of hero will be only once)

GROUP BY hero.hero_id



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