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Captcha Help

I'm attempting to use the code found Here to create a captcha for a website I am working on. I am new to codeigniter and I am still learning the hierarchy of files and things of that nature, basically tracing the calls to different files in the local and system directory. My question has to do with the database section in that wiki page:
Quote:For us ethe librarie (put it in the application librarie) create a db table as this code
CREATE TABLE captcha (
     captcha_id bigint(13) unsigned NOT NULL auto_increment,
     captcha_time int(10) unsigned NOT NULL,
     ip_address varchar(16) default '0' NOT NULL,
     word varchar(20) NOT NULL,
     PRIMARY KEY (captcha_id),
     KEY (word)

I am uncertain where I need to insert this in my system files. I can answer any questions regarding our setup as needed.

You don't insert that in your system files, it's a MySQL query that creates the table used by the captcha. You would run it in the mysql console, phpmyadmin or whatever database management app you're using.

Thank you, databases are not my area of expertise to say the least.

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