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cookies dont work correct

Im having a problem with the cookies from my site.
Each time people need to login again...
I have tried many settings but nothing will help
can some1 please tell me the correct settings for the config?
My site is on linux server in var/html/folder
in the "html" are more sites hosted in different folders, all with CI.
here is my config:
| Session Variables
| "session_cookie_name" = the name you want for the cookie
| "encrypt_sess_cookie" = TRUE/FALSE (boolean).  Whether to encrypt the cookie
| "session_expiration"  = the number of SECONDS you want the session to last.
|  by default sessions last 7200 seconds (two hours).  Set to zero for no expiration.
| "time_to_update"        = how many seconds between CI refreshing Session Information
$config["sess_cookie_name"]        = "xu2";
$config["sess_expiration"]        = 72000;
$config["sess_encrypt_cookie"]    = TRUE;
$config["sess_use_database"]    = TRUE;
$config["sess_table_name"]        = "sessions";
$config["sess_match_ip"]        = FALSE;
$config["sess_match_useragent"]    = TRUE;
$config["sess_time_to_update"]     = 300;

| Cookie Related Variables
| "cookie_prefix" = Set a prefix if you need to avoid collisions
| "cookie_domain" = Set to .your-domain.com for site-wide cookies
| "cookie_path"   =  Typically will be a forward slash
$config["cookie_prefix"]    = "adultpics";
$config["cookie_domain"]    = ".adultpichost.eu";
$config["cookie_path"]        = "/";


must i change cookie path?
is all correct?
i tried setting sess_expiration to 0 but it dont work. still loggedout after browser close.
btw in my database i can only find dlsessions table, but no sessions table.
my url: www.adultpichost.eu

You must create the session table manually.

Also, I recommend you to always check the User Guide first, you'll find answers to most of your questions.


ive read it.
so without database there are no cookies?

[quote author="axisdude" date="1267932345"]ive read it.
so without database there are no cookies?[/quote]

Sort of. If you set 'sess_use_database' to TRUE and don't create the required database table, there won't be session storage.

ok so the only thing i need todo is creating a database table and then im done?
ir do i need to edit some files also?

Yes. Just check that the name of the table matches with the one in the config.


I loaded the table into the database and eddit the config.php
But still nothing..... after i close the browser and the open it again, im logged out each time.
Can some 1 give me step by step tutorial on what i need todo and change?
Its very anoying to need to login all the time....

Read the users guide!



Ive read it.
Im not an expert with CI...
I having troubles to understand what it is exactly what i need todo.
Perhaps its easyer that some1 tell me wich files are all needed for the cookies to work, then i can post them here.
then you can have a look on whats wrong.

Im using premade script fom xtrafile, since their support is not available im looking here for support.
so.. sorry for my noob questions.
thx in advantage.

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