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CodeBurn : Codeigniter + xajax + doctrine + smarty + curl ... more

Here is this, is a mixture of libraries and settings I used for some of my projects.

-Xajax 0.5-final
-Modular Extensions (merged with CI)

I do not use models but you can use general in common folder for whole apps, or in each application or module for each application module, same as libraries, ORM use the folder there you can find the fixtures and a SQL file. You can use different default databases for each app.

The concept is Modular extension but with a Common folder with libraries, models, helpers, plugins and views. More closer to HMVC.

Quote:database: (what you set up in) applications/*applicationame*/config/database.php
table: user

Example file for using the Doctrine on the terminal:

php frontend doctrine build-all

in windows:
php doctrine doctrineoptions applicationname

in unix:
applicationname doctrine doctrineoptions

If you get an error flag, change the first line in Doctrine file that points to the binaries of php.

The site use the htdocs as root then you must set up a virtualhost. Then you can:


Hope you like, no big deal but usefull and I want to share it.

The zip file:


File structure:

       ----/index.php (codeigniter bootstrap php file)
       ----/backend   (codeigniter bootstrap php file for backend application)
/system/ (codeigniter system)
/libs/ (like kohana 2 vendor folder)
             ----/appetc/   (you can setup multiple applications)
             ----/frontend/ (default application)

the application structure is the same as codeignter with modular extensions and a doctrine ORM folder


Samples fully functionals.

[quote author="OliverHR" date="1274483661"]

Just curious, why 1.7.1 version and not the latest?

[quote author="ElToro" date="1274753198"]Just curious, why 1.7.1 version and not the latest?[/quote]

Is just beacuse when I work with this configuration 1.7.1 was the top version of CI.

I post this file to the show that anyone can make a big hierarchical application with CodeIgniter. And to show the use and configuration of Xajax, Smarty and Doctrine with working samples.

I build an application for a customer and he needs a front application and a backend, later he needs to expand this applications with others then this was my solution.

Then anyone can download this base config, play learn and improve. (maybe trying to do this with 1.7.2)

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