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Universal Libraries for Applications

Hello All,

Just trying to get everyones opinions on what the best way to write a universal library for multiple CI applications. Over the past couple of years I've written all my companies web applications in CI, it has been great, I love CI. But every time I create a new application I usually copy a previous library in to the new version. These libraries are usually routines to handle user login, build business unit dropdowns and checkboxes, or the popular LDAP Library floating on the CI forum. But as I develop the applications the libraries are usually changed and updated from the previous one.

Are there any good solutions for using just one library in a central location, and calling that library into my CI applications? A note about my applications: they are completely separate installs of CI.

Thanks for the impending advice!

[eluser]Mr. Pickle[/eluser]
Maybe have a symlink to a directory/location containing the library?

[eluser]Myles Wakeham[/eluser]
Out of interest.... If you have such a shared facility for libraries, how will you handle change management across legacy projects once you change an API to a call in your libraries? I know this is a common issue with source code control management, but I'm curious if you had a strategy for handling this that you would be willing to share?


I don't have a shared library system yet. I was just wondering what the best approach would be to setting one up so that my CI applications could get to them. As of right now all the libraries are running independently, but I would like to change that so that they all return the appropriate data.

@Mr.Pickle - I'm not familiar with Symlinks. I will have to look into them.

[eluser]Media Gearhead[/eluser]
[quote author="whobutsb" date="1275078176"]@Mr.Pickle - I'm not familiar with Symlinks. I will have to look into them.[/quote]

Its just the linux version of a windows shortcut. Easy to setup and as far as the script would know the file, though shared from another location, is right where expected.

After doing some more thinking about this. I realized my shared libraries and help functions would also need to include models to select the resources that they would need. With that being said would it be a good idea to start bundling my applications in to the same CI application folder. Or would there be a good way to create almost like a sub-application that sites at the base directory which every application could reference to get the resources that they need.

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