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things i always do after clean codeigniter installation

Hi there,

everytime i start a new project i download a clean codeigniter installation and start with customizing some minor things so it suits my demands. I think that lots of these changes are done by most of you. So why not change the default codeigniter download?

Here is a list of the things i always start with.

- change sess_encrypt_cookie default to TRUE
- change sess_match_ip default to TRUE
- change global_xss_filtering default to TRUE

- url helper autoloaded

- welcome_message.php view renamed to frontpage_view.php
- frontpage_view.php changed to clean xhtml 1.0 strict template
- included links to reset,screen,print and handheld css & global.js.

- 'No direct script access allowed' added to default controller
- welcome.php controller renamed to frontpage.php
- frontpage_model.php loaded in default frontpage controller

- default frontpage_model.php added
- 'No direct script access allowed' added to default model

- Error templates changed to XHTML 1.0 strict templates

- change default_controller to frontpage.php

- assets directory structure added (system/application/assets)
- empty reset.css, screen.css, print.css and handheld.css stylesheet added (system/application/assets/css)
- empty global.js added (system/application/assets/js)
- Userguide removed from default installation

Download my default codeigniter installation, maybe it suits your needs.

What do you always change first after downloading a clean codeigniter installation?

A lot of good things in there. I do some of them too, some in a different flavour.
Question: why use a '_view' suffix for the views? Isn't that just adding useless characters?

[quote author="mddd" date="1276621795"]
Question: why use a '_view' suffix for the views? Isn't that just adding useless characters?[/quote]

i do this because it's easier to seperate the views and controllers in my IDE tabs.

Thanks for clarifying. That IS a good reason.

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