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Calendar - Reoccuring events

Hello all,

I'm creating a calendar for an application I'm working on. I can create one event, but does anyone have some ideas on how I can store reoccurring events, such as birthdays or events that occur weekly, monthly, etc?

One day events are easy enough, reoccuring is harder.

Thanks for any advise.

You could add a reoccurring field with the id of the start event and generate the events for the current year.
The start event holds the information about the times it should reoccur and which period. This way you only have to add one extra field

|1|birthday me|01-01-2007|y0|
|2|birthday me|01-01-2008|1|
s,i,h,d,m,y can be used for the periods, you could even give the option to use complex periods as 2h30s which means every two and a half hours. You separate the string by looking for the last letter.
0 or any other number is for the times the event has to occur. 0 means always. 00 means from start event on.

If they start to browse you add reoccurring events before you display the calendar, this way it doesn't matter if they browse forward or backward they will always see their events. Checking the events recurrence will be easy because you can filter all numeric occurrences if you use the default value 1. Then it's a question of checking the strings.

It would mean you have a performance penalty but only for events that aren't already in the database.

I hope these tips can help


I'm new to CodeIgniter and I have a client that wants a calendar/appointment scheduling application... I have some experience in OO programming in Java, so I'm pretty sure I can figure it out given enough time. My question is this: How did you get started with your application, did you use any plugins, what parameters did you define in the beginning, in hindsight how would you have planned it differently from the start, and how long did it take you, or how long do you estimate it will take you to finish. Again, just looking for info that will help me accurately quote this thing... any info is greatly appreciated!


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