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Single application with multiple subdomains - how?

Hi folks, looking for a pointer or two...

We are looking at building an application that will use subdomains to identify a region for access and data filtering etc. I have had a dig through various forum posts and google results and I am aware that there is a fair bit of info out there, however it all seems either to conflict with similar concepts/solutions or specific to an application.

Here is what we are looking at achieving...

An application designed for use by UK based users, with a subdomain identifying which region of the application the user wishes to view. It will ultimately have a large number of subdomains/regions available so we would rather not use a separate application folder for each, as it would make application updates a pain in the ....

The subdomain will obviously require to be identified internally within the app to allow for the selection of relevant data etc.

I am 100% sure this can be done, I am just looking to those who have played with this concept or have a solid understanding of how it can be best achieved.

Any takers?

You could do something like UPS where they ask you from the start your region and go into part of the app that caters to that content. Drop a cookie on their machine for that region, so it's remembered next time they come back.

You could also take a domain and rewrite the URL to a controller or something that would identify a region based on the subdomain and know to serve up the UK content.

I'm currently working on something similar. I have a working prototype based on this tutorial ...

How to: Multi-site CodeIgniter Set-up


I hope that helps

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