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How to connect database using one not in localhost

[eluser]Miftah Zein[/eluser]
[quote author="Atharva" date="1294327917"]
$db['server']['hostname'] = "";

$active_group = "server";

Either in server or local in $active_group, oddly enough i still get error message

Maybe i have to hack the core database file in codeigniter?

No , this is related with you db settings. I was bit confused about your testing environment. Change
$active_group = "local";
$db['local']['hostname'] = "";
Can you access phpmyadmin of from your machine?

[eluser]Miftah Zein[/eluser]
yes i can access phpmyadmin, maybe the problem lies in database driver??
when i change hostname to localhost, everithing is ok. but if i set it to i got error again

sorry for bothering you again :-)

so is IP of your own machine? Can you access like ? Also, you can try to create a new user on server, and then use that username and password in database.php and see if that works?

[eluser]Victor Michnowicz[/eluser]
Sometimes you need to put the port in there as well. Assuming MySQL connects on port 3307:

$db['local']['hostname'] = "";

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