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Audio conversion mp3 to ogg


Since firefox 4 came out i've been experimenting with HTML5 and the <audio> element.

And it requires .ogg files, now if i want to create an application for let's say a music library etc.. I would want to let the users upload their mp3 and listen to it through the <audio> elemnt.

So i need to convert .mp3 files to .ogg

Does anyone know how to achieve this? Is there a library that can do this or a free webservice somewhere? I've searched for it for a while but couldn't find anything useful.

Thanks in advance,


Use ffmpeg, I think there is a library in the WIKI!


Alright i'll have a look at it Big Grin thanks!

I couldn't find a library for ffmpeg in the wiki. Did i overlook anything?

Do a Google search for it, I some users have used it.


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