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Problem with caching

Hello everybody,

Today, I learning about caching. Yesterday, I learnt file write method.

Problem is in caching in CodeIgniter. I have problems with it. I don't understand about caching in CodeIgniter. Can you help me?

1. How to save cache file (where he saved etc.)
2. How to get all content off web and save it? In PHP is ob_get_content(), how about in CodeIgniter I don't know.
3. Do I need to get libraries, config, helpers or etc?

Thank you so much.

C'mon guys. Help me, please.

[eluser]Bart v B[/eluser]
voila ..RTFM

Quote:Caching can be enabled on a per-page basis, and you can set the length of time that a page should remain cached before being refreshed. When a page is loaded for the first time, the cache file will be written to your application/cache folder. On subsequent page loads the cache file will be retrieved and sent to the requesting user's browser. If it has expired, it will be deleted and refreshed before being sent to the browser.

Note: The Benchmark tag is not cached so you can still view your page load speed when caching is enabled.

What is your problem? everything you need to know is written..

Application Flowchart

If you're asking for how codeigniter framework handles caching

What you really want to say? I couldn't understand your problem.

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