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Vanilla Integration with CI --> Problem

Hi All,

Thank you for your help last time.
I’m trying to integrate vanilla and Freakauth. I successfully done it before, but this time after I followed the tutorial I get this at the bowser: “The configuration file config.php does not exist.”

Please not, I’m using codeigniter with rapyd. the main difference is that the application folder is outside the system folder and is place at the root level.

like this:
- application
|___ config
|___ controllers
|___ errors
|___ models
|___ rapyd
|___ views
- assets
- cidip
- system
|___ cache
|___ codeigniter
|___ fonts
|___ helpers
|___ language
|___ libraries
|___ logs
|___ plugins
|___ scaffolding

I followed this directions:

Hi you Frenchy guy, did you try to search why this error was triggered (after checking that every config file is in place)?

I did try, I went through the files, one by one to see if I mistyped or even skipped any step.

Like located the file that seems to generating that error, and it's the Common.php under the codeigniter folder located in the system folder.
from line #100
function &get;_config()
    static $main_conf;
    if ( ! isset($main_conf))
        if ( ! file_exists(APPPATH.'/config/config'.EXT))
            exit('The configuration file config'.EXT.' does not exist.');
        if ( ! isset($config) OR ! is_array($config))
            exit('Your config file does not appear to be formatted correctly.');

        $main_conf[0] =& $config;
    return $main_conf[0];

I found condeigniter config file under the config folder located in the application folder and is not missing
Keep in mind my application folder and system folder are both a the root level

If it's a local install, try to see what happens echoing APPPATH.'/config/config'.EXT, and look if your CI config file is at the right place.

The config.php file is at the right place under the application folder, like I said before I have a codeigniter+rapyd installation which places teh application folder outside the system folder like this, site/application and site/system, instead of site/system/application

But does APPPATH.’/config/config’.EXT point to it ?

It does and when I add a and axtra letter for example:


the entire web site fails, saying that the config file is not found.

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