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[Closed, I give up] CodeIgniter caching and login-logout behaviour

I'm using Phil Sturgeon template library in my CMS
I think it would be better if I also add some caching mechanism.
First, I use CI default caching:

It works well for view, but there is no cache for everything generated by template library (I checked application/cache)

After browse a while, I found this method:

Okay and it is done.

The problem is, whenever user login or logout, it seems that the cache is still used. So that even if a user has enter the password correctly, the login screen will just simply appear because it is cached. Do anyone know how to delete the cache in this case?

EDIT : I think what I need is partial caching, Am I correct? and how to do that?
EDIT : I think it is not template library issue

Give up, there is no way doing that. By cache the whole view, all user will see the same cache, it would be bad, because a login user can accidentally access the cache from not-login-yet user. I think (after take a look) even pyrocms only cache the data, not the whole view.

Pyrocms approach is play better with cache, since it has different admin and public controller, while mine is play worse with cache because I use the same URL for public and admin, only authorization make the difference.

However I think it is great if somebody can do this Wink

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