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Opinions Needed: Modular MVC

Which of CI's Modular 'extensions' would you recommend? and why?

I think I want to start using modules instead of just a co-mingling of models and controllers in the same directories for ease of maintenance. Though several models will likely spread across multiple modules. ie: I have a stores_model which access information about the stores my company has. It will be used in multiple places as different modules will need to pull store information.

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

le best imho

I use the same extension that @kr1pt.

Is the best hmvc implementation that I found, you can group in a module theese directoties:

In a /application/modules/module_name/
- controllers
- helpers
- libraries
- config
- views
- models
- language

I dont't try: hooks, core, third_party, errors

Assets like js, css, img, etc, I don't put in a module because should make visible app structure. I save like as:


I hope that it help you.

I'm using @wiredesignz HMVC, too. But have to admit, I never looked at any other, since in most cases their just modular separation, but HMVC supports hierarchical MVC structure, too. So you call another (module's) controller within the active view or controller.
Plus, @wiredesignz' implementation is still under active development and already in version 5.4. You see, it's a solid solution. Just give it a try Wink
And it's even easier to use than you might think Wink

+1 for wiredesingz's HMVC.

I already have a clean install of it and will start trying to move parts of my application into the modules and see what I need to relearn with this pattern. Thanks for the suggestions, I did want one that was in active development, makes for keeping things stable easier.

Thank you for your suggestion. Has anyone looked at CI Bonfire? If I remember correctly it uses wiredesignz HMVC model as well, but I can't find the exact reference at this time.

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