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so C.I. survived and with 3.0 it saved me from Lara-Hell ?

I've a large codeigniter 2.x base. I was reading that C.I. "was going to die" so i tried a bunch of alternatives out there.

I first got in love with Fuel PHP but its seems they are writing a new version that will not be compatible with the old one... geez i need a 10/20 year stable API !!! :-P

Then i tested Laravel. Well it looked like heaven on the chart until i startet testing it... 10.000+ files... 18MB base memory usage... oh my!!! My apps runs on 1/2 GB VPS, my PHP app should be 1-2MB when not using the DB; not only because of the limited ram but also to fit as many as possible within XCache. So i just renamed it Lara-hell.

So, i just noticed CI 3.0 is out and it solves some ugly things i've been suffered for years like the Session Library *g*


Will CI 3.0 stay here for a long time and will be as much as compatible with the past?
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Nobody knows so yet, but I don't think so. I think that CI4 is going to break lot of stuff and it's going to be similar to fuelphp situation.

Still don't know that ci will be shutting down or not.... Sad

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The minimal PHP version that CodeIgniter 3 supports is 5.2.4. After touching it at 2-3 places it could run on PHP 5.2.0 that have been released 8.5 years ago. Till the end of 2014 I tested regularly on PHP 5.2.0 for my purposes.

Old unsupported PHP versions are insecure, PHP 5.4 is the sane minimum today, but CodeIgniter 3.0.0 codebase alone (with minor changes) practically is capable to cover 10 years range of PHP server configurations. Probably it will run on stable PHP7 too, we'll see, this might extend this coverage even more.

Don't hesitate to upgrade your codebase to CodeIgniter 3. Such a upgrade would not be expensive, and it would extend the life of your codebase for about 4 years or even 5 (a subjective estimation).

CodeIgniter 4 will break BC with CodeIgniter 3, but I think a rewrite CI3 -> CI4 would be cheaper than a rewrite CI3 -> other framework.

Many applications still run CodeIgniter 2.x fine.

If you build something with CI3, is it really a big deal if CI4 comes out and you can't switch it over? I'm sure CI3 will run applications for years to come.

If you insist on using the latest version at all times though, then you may just need to spend some time migrating to CI4 when it's out - if it does break things.

Worst case scenario though: it just takes some time to upgrade it. Keep your code clean and decoupled and it shouldn't be too bad Smile

I don't think that CI will die. There are many uses CI and like it very much.

CI will never go down .. but in 10 years we will have another internet ;o)


... and 100 years durable software. :-)

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