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Anyone built an Android App?

Phonegap is built on top of Cordova.

I recommend Phonegap to get started. It has some additional build tools that will aid you when creating your apps. I use Cordova because it has the latest features and more things are compatible with it. I lose out on some of the adobe build tools, but I also have a lot more control over my application.

I've read about Meteor and I have built apps in Angular. Angular is very powerful but has a steep learning curve for someone who hasn't touched a frontend framework.

I have a custom built front end framework for my apps that works well with cordova, and it's pretty simple for anyone to create their own too if they know what they are doing.
Codeigniter is simply one of the tools you need to learn to be a successful developer. Always add more tools to your coding arsenal!

Thanks everyone, that has got me really excited about the next project :-)

I am not 100% certain about phonegap as the Android SDK would give me direct control over everything, not going through a third party conversion tool. I do like to know exactly what is going on. Having said that, the ability to then convert to Apple is a great selling point. I think I will just have to try them all out and spend at least a few days on each and see which thing feels right or most comfortable for me right now.

The Cordova/Phonegap split is a bit weird too. I hate it when open source things become paid for things by splitting off, you always worry that the open source version will be left buggy or underdeveloped or lost as the real vehicle moves forward, or the commercial vehicle just gets waylaid into the corporate netherworld of committee decisions and profit based motivations.

However, I do appreciate it when open source projects reach a level where they are an attractive buy, and lets face it, we would all sell our beloved projects if enough money was laid on the table. In fact that route to market seems to be a win win for everyone involved, except perhaps the public contributors in the case of the open source vehicle being left behind.  I did read some complaints about something referred to as 'the bait and switch', a feeling some of the past contributors felt duped by.

And that of course, in the context of the recent CI changeover, which could have gone so terribly wrong, but has turned out to be simply perfect. Such a relief (I know, we have all said this before and gone over this - just the phonegap cordova split reminded me of darker times when ellis lab lost their love of CI).

Any way, back to Android, really looking forward to giving it a go :-)

Best wishes,


PS Sorry for rambling.....

Good luck Paul
Codeigniter is simply one of the tools you need to learn to be a successful developer. Always add more tools to your coding arsenal!


Good luck dude,
Don't forget to share your experience,
Me? I'm currently learning node.js and after this will study cordova.
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Not yet but planing to make. I  wish to learn how to develop an android app as I am from IT background and keen to learn more n more in all prospects of it.  Cool

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