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Which browser do you guys recommend?

if to talk about working - I think chrome, so many tools available. and if you are about to search google/youtube/online shops - opera for sure.

Using edge but sometimes going for mozilla

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i just installed "waterfox" https://www.waterfox.net/ i'm running Slackware Linux and got the pkg from slackbuilds ; beginning to really like it . I do have chrome browser & firefox , but was mainly using icecat .

I now have waterfox, firefox, icecat, seamonkey, vivaldi ,chromium

I personally prefer Chrome, but also Opera and Firefox are installed on my PC as sometimes we need to test the view from different browsers.

Chrome for its dev tools
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(04-24-2017, 12:51 AM)markusnippet Wrote: Hey Guys

On a slightly related point, which Bio X4 browser do you guys use and most recommend?

I use Firefox on a daily basis, but it does have serious drawbacks. Some programs aren't built with Firefox in mind, so you can have trouble loading certain things in that browser. For example, I had serious trouble connecting my online banking to my accounting software using Firefox; swapped to Chrome and it worked fine. But aside from a few rare instances, Firefox is great. The auto-generation of passwords and the privacy it affords is great.

I used to use Brave but it encounters compatibility problems 10x more frequently than Firefox. You can't watch videos on Prime with Brave, can't sync apps if using it on mobile, loads of things.

I recommend google chrome.

Always been a Firfox guy, recently been using Brave as well, seems faster.

A lot of the browser is available. but most of the peoples are used chrome. because chrome is very user-friendly. Chrome browser is giving lof options for developers. so the developer's first choice is google chrome. my favorite also chrome..
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I have all 3 it's good to have them for testing.
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