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javascript is being called twice

I managed to get my javascript routine to run. I put the code to call it in in the _construct


The code is:

   var editorExtensionId = "lamacgnkfoiknjpleghfknfigbmhdaei";

   if (chrome && chrome.runtime && chrome.runtime.sendMessage) {
   chrome.runtime.sendMessage(extensionId, 'snapshot_mode');
I am finding that this code is running twice. The way I know this is that the Extension is getting the message "snapshot_mode" twice. Should I be wrapping this js code in 

? Or is the problem that I am calling it in __construct()? I want the js code to run just once per initialization of my code. 
proof that an old dog can learn new tricks


There are multiple ways to do it. I would not put it in the construct. You could try it in the actual page method/function or directly in the view. Your choice.

I put it in the first screen in the controller. But it still gets called twice. I do want to wait until after a successful login. Is there someplace to put the call to only let it happen once?
proof that an old dog can learn new tricks


You could put it in the view. The header or footer part of the view.

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I got it going and I am posting this for the next guy trying to use .js with ci.

I created a view that has:

script language="javascript">

   $(document).ready( function() {
       var editorExtensionId = "lamacgnkfoiknjpleghfknxxxbmhdaei";

       // Make a simple request:
       chrome.runtime.sendMessage(editorExtensionId, "snapshot_modeb",
           function (response) {
               if (!response.success)



I am calling it in my controller when I display the first page. Here is what I use to call it:

$data = array(
               'command' => 'My Title',
               'userid' => 'My Heading',
               'campaign' => 'My Message',
               'param_1' => 'My Title'


           $this->load->view("javascript_funcs_extensionloaded", $data);

The view has a .php extension. I haven't gotten the data passing working yet, but that is next. I my case I am passing the message to an extension also running in the same copy of Chrome.
proof that an old dog can learn new tricks

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