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We are building a NetBeans IDE plugin for CodeIgniter.

Target action groups:

- Code completion & smart navigation
- Code generation
- Starter apps
- Plugin manager/updater

We will have three 3 week iterations, and see how far we get.

The first iteraiton is complete. The basics of the plugin are in place, and this forum has been opened for community input.

Great news! Is there an how to install this plugin?

At the moment, it is experimental, and "played with" by forking/downloading the project and "running" it inside NetBeans. The second or third iteration will provide an installable module. The behaviour and functionality will change over these early iterations Undecided

At this point, we are looking for input on features that the community would like to see in it!
James Parry
Project Lead

That's a great idea Smile

I will look forward to the first installable iteration,

I have used netbeans for years (currently up to version 8.0.2), and have seen various other plugins added for other popular PHP frameworks such as Zend Frameworks 1 and 2, Symfony 1 and 2, Yii, CakePHP, FuelPHP, they even have one for Wordpress and Typoscript, it would be great to see one for CodeIgniter 2xx and 3xx.


Waiting waiting waiting...

Waiting waitin waiti wait wai wa w ... 100 years passed ...

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Is it possible to request and plugin for PHP Storm? : https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display...evelopment

Java is not the strongest language for me so I don't want to waste time on making not working plugin.
How ever PHPStorm is I think better PHP IDE than Netbeans and it will be good if there is plugin for it too.
I am writing Symfony2 app with PHP Storm and the power of the plugin for symfony2 is brutal. So I believe that it wont be difficult to create and plugin for CI .
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Still waiting on the plugin. I primarily develop on netbeans....i find it tedious to store all the code completion in memory.

(05-26-2016, 03:28 AM)arcangel11049 Wrote: Still waiting on the plugin. I primarily develop on netbeans....i find it tedious to store all the code completion in memory.

The subproject has no traction at the moment Sad
Community members need to step up & complete it.

I work primarily with NetBeans myself, and would love to have the plugin, but do not have time to work on it personally Sad(

As a side note. Anyone that uses OS X Espresso http://macrabbit.com/espresso/ can use this sugar https://github.com/golonka/codeigniter.sugar.
I've been using it with great success.
I am not the author of either Espresso or the "sugar" just a happy user of both.


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