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[SOLVED] Basic Help with Vanilla/FAL integration

[eluser]Devon Lambert[/eluser]
Hello all,

This may sound like a stupid question but it was left out of the integration wiki, and the dip into CI wiki. I am a very basic php programmer and am trying to make this integration go as smoothly as possible.

In regards to the hack of CI and integration with Vanilla/FAL, where do I put the vanilla folder?

i.e. My CI file structure is as follows:

> APPLICATION (I moved this to the same level as the system folder)
> images
> javascript
> public
> tmp
> user_guide
> would I put the "forum" folder at this level?

If so, how do allow CI to know that it should load the forum when I hit that folder?

Take it back to baby steps folks. Start with the A's and B's please. :-)


[eluser]Devon Lambert[/eluser]
Looks like I had to update my htaccess file.

Sorry about that. Don't sound the alarms just yet.

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